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Member and Family Assistance Program

The Member and Family Assistance Plan MFAP is a professional counselling and referral service to help eligible Members and their insured Dependents deal with a broad range of personal and work-related problems, such as:

  1. Marital issues
  2. Family problems
  3. Child related concerns
  4. Alcohol misuse
  5. Drug abuse
  6. Emotional difficulties
  7. Career and vocational concerns
  8. Financial worries
  9. Legal problems

The counsellors can assist you or an insured Dependent with any problem or concern that may be troubling you or them.

Professional Counsellors

Homewood Health Incorporated (HHI) Ontario, consultants have been retained to provide this professional counselling and referral service.

Confidentiality and Privacy

The plan is completely private and confidential. When you or an insured Dependent want to use the service, please contact HHI Ontario consultants directly. Names or individual information will never be released to the Board of Trustees, any Union officials or any other person. 

How to use the Member Assistance Plan

The HHI Ontario counselling and referral service is available on a twenty-four hour around the clock basis. All you or an insured Dependent have to do is phone one of the following numbers, to be served in the language of your choice:

Contact Information  

Call Homewood Health Incorporated (HHI) (Ontario)

TOLL FREE : 1-866-462-8047

Brochure: Homewood Health(Previously known as OHI)

Website : www.homewoodhealth.ca

How does the plan work?

The plan provides counselling sessions related to each concern in any given year at no cost to you or your insured Dependent. Should longer-term or specialized counselling be required, HHI Ontario counsellors will make a referral to the appropriate professionals and agencies in the community. If referrals are required, attempts will be made to utilize the services of government agencies so the cost will be covered under the Provincial Health Plan or your Extended Health Care benefits. However, if fees are incurred for referral services, they become your responsibility.

Additional Information

A brochure describing the Member Assistance Plan in further detail and a fridge magnet are available by contacting the Administrative Agent.

Access to Services

Please call the Intake Coordinator toll-free at 1-866-462-8047. You will be asked for your name and address, and HHI will then look for a counsellor who is in your area and who would be a good fit to help address your specific concerns.

When HHI has confirmed that the counsellor is available, they will call you with their name and number and you can then call to schedule a time that works best for you.

To access the online E- Counselling, please visit the website www.homewoodhealth.ca and click on “Member Services”. Scroll down to “Launch member Services” and follow the instructions for New Member Registration.

Claim Forms


You will require the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a free program and can be downloaded here.

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